Local esthetics business owner Dr. Giselle M. Batcheller featured in No. 1 selling medical book

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City local and owner of Wellness and Esthetics and CARE Esthetics based in Kimball Junction, Dr. Giselle M. Batcheller (DDS, NMD) was recently featured in Quintessence’s 2022 No. 1 Selling Book Worldwide, CARE Esthetics.

Known for publishing the highest quality works from world renowned experts, Quintessence  International Publishing Group is a scientific and clinical publishing company with publishing houses in  14 countries. They’ve produced more than 1,500 books from more than 3,000 authors.

CARE is the acronym for the Center for Advanced Rejuvenation and Esthetics, and the book is written about the technologies offered in CARE Esthetics centers.

Although the book was just published earlier this year, it quickly catapulted to the number one selling spot for Quintessence.

“CARE Esthetics outlines the latest technologies in regenerative medicine and  facial esthetics. While much of what Quintessence publishes is written for doctors and for use as  textbooks in doctoral education programs, CARE Esthetics is written for the clients of the esthetics  community. That shows how highly sought after this information is,” Dr. Batcheller explained.

“Natural solutions and regenerative esthetics is a hot topic,” Dr. Batcheller continued. “Everyone—not just the clinician—wants to know about it. This is the future of aesthetics, and it is  a very exciting future!”

While Dr. Batcheller provides a variety of services at Wellness and Esthetics in Park City, BioCARE is her most highly sought after procedure. BioCARE is a CARE Esthetics procedure that combines laser and smart blood concentrate technologies into one procedure that can be completed in a couple of hours. BioCARE addresses many esthetics concerns with many targeted protocols into one procedure.

Aesthetics is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing rapidly. Dr. Batcheller observes, “The regenerative  esthetics niche is making its mark because everyone wants to feel great about the way that they look  but not everyone feels great about the risks of unnecessary surgery and unnatural chemical treatments.  Some of my clients have had other treatments, while others are entirely new to receiving any aesthetic  procedures. Regenerative esthetics is something for everyone to love. My clients are both male and  female and their ages range from teenagers to seniors.”

When asked about how she feels about the latest news on the book, Dr. Batcheller beams, “It is an  honor to be featured in CARE Esthetics. I’m delighted to have my work bring the spotlight to my clients  and to Park City for the most modern and top notch wellness and esthetics technologies available. I  acknowledge and extend great appreciation to my mentors, and the many researchers and clinicians  who have paved the way and made these advancements possible, most especially Dr. Richard Miron,  the CARE Esthetics founder and the world’s number one ranked expert on Platelet-Rich Fibrin. The  CARE Esthetics community of clinicians is an exceptional group, and it is an honor to be a  collaborative member with the other pioneers in this community.”

Dr. Giselle M. Batcheller and her clients are putting Park City’s Wellness and Esthetics community on the global map for advanced regenerative medicine in 2022. Dr. Batcheller’s passion is helping her clients look and feel their best in the most healthy and natural ways possible.

She was the first doctor in Utah to use these advanced protocols discussed in CARE Esthetics. Dr. Batcheller has been working in natural and holistic medicine since 2011. She started performing regenerative, all-natural esthetics procedures with lasers and smart blood concentrate technologies in 2018. Since then, she has taught these sought after methods to dozens of prestigious doctors and providers from across the United States as well as locally throughout Utah as they’ve been  advancing.

Dr. Batcheller has also received accolades from world experts in her industry. She has been widely recognized and sought after to teach and to perform her services. She has called Park City home since 2016, and after providing these services throughout Utah and on the East Coast, she’s delighted to bring her gifts  to her Wellness and Esthetics office in Park City.

For more information, for a copy of CARE Esthetics, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Batcheller, individuals can visit To follow Dr. Batcheller’s social media handles, please visit

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