Alta’s Albion lift retires

ALTA, Utah — The Albion lift at Alta Ski Area had its last day of operation on Tuesday.

Albion was installed in 1962 and upgraded in 1973, however, it became largely unnecessary when the Sunnyside lift was built in 1983.

This summer, Alta is planning to replace Sunnyside with a new, six-pack detachable lift. The move is what pushed the ski area to finally retire Albion, which is rarely operated, given its age and condition.

Those lucky enough to be in Little Cottonwood Canyon on Tuesday were able to enjoy one last ride.

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a good POV from December:

On Wednesday it was pointed out that the Salt Lake Tribune incorrectly cited Albion as the last fixed-grip double lift in Utah.

“Only problem is there are actually 19 at 10 different resorts,” Lift Blog wrote on Twitter. “Just a bit off!”

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