Business Spotlight: Spoil to Soil Curbside Composting

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City is a community full of people who appreciate nature and know the importance of improving our planet. Often, we hear in the news about the necessary efforts to prioritize sustainable energy through alternative fuels, recycling, and reducing our carbon footprint. Spoil To Soil Curbside Composting is a city and county-approved service that provides Park City residents with a helpful service that diverts your organic waste from the landfill to a local processing plant where nutrient-rich soil is made from your composted materials. Composting efforts drastically decrease the amount of waste found in our country’s landfills.

Another benefit of compositing is improving the quality of soil. As organic matter decomposes naturally, microscopic organisms aerate the soil, helping to further decompose plant matter and protect against diseases that can plague growing vegetation. This healthy soil is great to fertilize home gardens and planters, allowing our families and furry friends to avoid harmful chemical fertilizers. Soil improved by compost holds water better, too. Requiring less water use saves this precious resource, which we all know is very important in our state.

Spoil To Soil Curbside Composting aims to help preserve our environment, extend the life of the Summit County Landfill, reduce methane emissions, and reduce your carbon footprint for a more sustainable lifestyle. After collection, Spoil To Soil converts your organic waste into nutrient-rich soil, which is returned back to members for use in your own homes.

Below is a list of compost-approved items:

  • Fruit, Veggies, Eggshells, Egg Cartons (please remove any plastic labels), Coffee Grounds, Coffee Filters
  • Any Grains: Pasta, Rice, Cereal, Bread
  • Rinds, Stems, Husks, Seeds, Pits, Peels, Potted Plants, Cut Flowers, Uncoated Paper Products

At this time, Spoil To Soil does not accept animal byproducts: no meat, no dairy, and no bones. This is to produce the best compost without pathogens or the risk of attracting more rodents.

Below are a few more things to keep out of your composting bin:

  • Grease, Waxes, Oils, Liquids, Metals, Non-organics, Chemicals, Hazardous Waste, Plastic of any kind, Picnic Items (such as waxed paper plates or plastics)

It’s pretty amazing how many daily use and common household materials are compostable. By spending less than 10 minutes a week sorting through the trash you’re already throwing out, you are making a significant change for the better not only for your community but for the planet.

Are you considering becoming a member? You can visit the website for more details and to read all about the efforts of Spoil To Soil and the cost of membership. There are monthly and yearly membership options. Share your composting adventures, and see what other families are doing, using the hashtag #CompostKarma.

Resident Submitted Content by Jacquie Symes, courtesy of Neighbors of Park City.

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