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High Valley Transit’s micro has served over 100,000 riders

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah — High Valley Transit’s microservice has served over 100,000 riders since its launch more than seven months ago, according to a staff report.

“While we struggled with staffing in the first week of January, we improved throughout the month, ending with a 10 percent increase in driver hours and 4.2 percent decrease in seat unavailable rate compared to December,” the report says.

“Additionally, we averaged 100 more passengers per day (595 vs. 495) and recorded a higher average utilization of 4.8 passengers per driver hour.”

January data: green represents requests met, grey represents requests not served. (Photo: High Valley Transit)

In January, there were a total of 51,162 micro ride requests, which is an average of 1,650 per day. There were 18,468 total passengers during the month, an average of 595 per day. This gave the service during January an average seat unavailable rate of 18.3%, which is an improvement from December’s 22.5%.

The report continued:

Looking forward, we are continuing to improve. On a weekly basis, we are averaging a 10 percent or less seat unavailable rate (or a 90 percent or greater met demand rate). Moving forward, we want to hold this average but work on limiting the number of days where our seat unavailable rate is greater than 10 percent, even if the weekly average is still below 10. Most days in February with a seat unavailable rate exceeding 10 percent were due to a shortage or callout of a single driver during peak hours.

We anticipated high demand for President’s Day and increased driver hours accordingly. While the weekend had an elevated number of requests compared to pre-peak season numbers, it was not as high as the last two weeks in December. We averaged a seat unavailable rate of 4 percent between Friday, February 18, and Monday, February 21. We served 2,885 passengers in total, an average of 713/day.

President’s Day weekend microdata. (Photo: High Valley Transit)

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