DWR releases mountain lion captured in Park Meadows earlier in January

PARK CITY, Utah — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) recently released a mountain lion that had to be tranquilized on Jan. 3 on Crestline Dr. in the Park Meadows neighborhood, according to DWR conservation officer Scott Root.

The Park Meadows resident reported the mountain lion feeding on a dead deer in their backyard. The cat became comfortable around their house, nestling itself under their deck.

DWR, whose top priority is public safety, was able to safely tranquilize the animal and later release it. DWR doesn’t disclose where they release animals, but Root said they try to get it away from civilization “as much as they can.”

Root said the deeper snow this time of year could force animals down to more urban areas. DWR has been busy lately relocating moose.

In the event that you need assistance with a wild animal, Root said to contact local law enforcement.

For safety information about mountain lions and other Utah animals, visit Wild Aware Utah.

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