DWR relocates over a dozen moose in a week

PARK CITY, Utah — Since January 8, officers with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) have relocated over a dozen moose, most of which were found wandering near Interstate 80.

According to DWR, two moose have recently been killed in collisions on I-80.

“Anytime it snows and the snow’s really thick and heavy up in the mountains, moose and deer will migrate down to lower elevation areas, basically looking for food and habitat and things,” DWR spokesperson Faith Heaton Jolley said.

On Jan. 9, state troopers with Utah Highway Patrol shut down I-80 in both directions to tranquilize and transport two moose out of the area. Only one moose was able to be relocated that day. The other was relocated after the highway was shut down again the following day.

“We have to hike in and get close enough so that we can shoot basically a tranquilizer dart,” Heaton Jolley said. “With moose, because they’re so large, we have to have a lot of manpower because they’re so heavy.”

After moose are tranquilized, officers carry them into a horse trailer by hand using a stretcher. After they awake, they are released into different habitat areas, according to Heaton Jolley.

On Jan. 11, a similar incident involving a mother moose and her two young bull moose occurred at the median near the East Canyon exit.

On Jan. 13, a different mother moose and her calf were relocated near the wildlife bridge at Parleys Summit.

Additionally, four moose were relocated last week in more urban areas, including one at the University of Utah.

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