Local Lift: Julie Snyder of INHABIT Park City

PARK CITY, Utah. — The shift from in-office to remote work during the COVID pandemic brought a lot of change and realization from the previously office-bound workforce. With newfound freedom and flexibility, individuals and families began staying long-term in tourist destinations, like Park City.

Julie Snyder, founder, and owner of INHABIT Park City, is a Boston-born entrepreneur. In 2015, she made her way to Utah. Snyder has seen a big shift in her clientele over the past year. “Most of my clients were primary homeowners, so I had more people who were just moving within the town, upgrading or changing neighborhoods,” said Snyder. “Now, I definitely have a lot more second homeowners as clientele because of the way the market has shifted.

“I think what attracts a lot of people is the open space and the many activities. There’s so much to do, but it’s not like you’re not in the middle of nowhere. [Park City’s] not hard to get to–it’s just 30 minutes from Salt Lake, which is a major city with an international airport. Park City is a place that checks a lot of boxes for many people, and I think that’s why it’s so popular.”

While majoring in communication at Cornell University, Snyder began her business career by launching a women’s accessory company, selling high-fashion belts, handbags, and jewelry. Her next business was owning a retail jean store in Massachusetts. The decision was prescient, as the trend toward casual dress was just taking hold. After a business opportunity for her husband required a move to California, she sold her interest in the jean store

After a 5-year stint in Orange County, Snyder and her family relocated to Park City for a more active life-style and a sense of community. The move was a big change, but the Snyders believed that Park City was where they truly belonged.

“We absolutely love it here,” she said. “It’s a really good fit for us. [We’re] big skiers and have always been an active family, but it was not until we moved to Park City that we became mountain bikers, hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. With the ease and access to the trail systems and the mountains at our back door, it makes things very easy, and that’s a great draw for us.”

I think that a lot of people live here for the same reasons. People don’t necessarily come to Park City because they’ve been offered an amazing job opportunity; they come to Park City because they want to live here.”

Snyder not only finds clients’ dream homes, but she helps each client find their niche within the community. She’ll advise them about schools, shops, restaurants, doctors, veterinarians, hiking trails, and introduce them to other like-minded neighbors.

“I don’t end my relationship when I sell the house. I think it’s actually the beginning of a relationship with my clients. And it’s a lifelong relationship because I’m not looking to just sell houses; I want to help our new residents become immersed in the community.”


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