Electric Hummer slays Moab’s Poison Spider

MOAB, Utah. — Lebron James announced it in a Super Bowl commercial, so it must be real – the GMC Hummer is back. And some changes have been made.

Historically known as a gas guzzler, GMC has made the new Hummer an electric vehicle (EV) – so that part is over. The Hummer EV Pickup truck will reportedly be available in the fall, with the SUV coming in early 2023. The world’s first all-electric super-truck has a 350-mile range and an $80,000 price tag.

In Lebron’s latest Hummer commercial, he announces a completely new way to drive: the ‘CrabWalk.’ The CrabWalk is a setting that allows the Hummer the ability to move both the front and back tires at the same time. The car can drive diagonally at low speeds.

This past weekend, several prototypes showed up in Moab. The new Hummers looked roughed up a bit, like they had already seen some off-road action, and their drivers put on a CrabWalk display for anyone nearby enough to check it out.

Another clip from social media claims that the prototype EV Hummers were spotted on Moab’s Poison Spider Mesa Trail.


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