Flash floods and fires plague southern Utah this monsoon season

The National Weather Service's flash flood warning today in Capitol Reef comes after crazy reports of flash flooding and fires near Moab this weekend

MOAB, Utah – Wild weather, highlighted on various social media channels and news outlets around the state of Utah in the past few days, has been marking both ends of the spectrum that Mother Nature is capable of delivering.

A monsoon in Moab over the weekend caused flash flooding, and raging muddy water to cascade over the red rock cliffs that the area is known for. Meanwhile, not far away in Canyonlands National Park, lighting strikes associated with the same monsoon storm caused trees in the park to catch on fire.

Today, the National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for a portion of Capitol Reef until 7 p.m. This includes all areas between Sulphur Creek and Sheets Gulch.

Sylvan Christensen, a Moab-based base jumper caught thrilling footage of the waterfall caused by the flooding with the comment, “Moab, Utah experiencing some monsoon madness.”

Search and rescue as well as park officials are reminding people of the acute dangers presented by flash floods in the desert. Move to higher ground at the first sign of water, and avoid walking or driving through flood waters.

Park officials at Canyonlands said lightning can strike up to 60 miles from the nearest rainfall, and thunder can be heard usually from up to 10 miles away, so remember to stay vigilant even if it’s dry where you are.

Lightning strikes from a monsoon in Canyonlands National Park caused fires over the weekend. (Photo NPS/Dara Perrot)

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