Spear fisherman catches 13-pound Walleye at Deer Creek Reservoir

HEBER VALLEY, Utah – Spearfishing in Utah can be enjoyed year-round, but spring and fall are generally considered the best seasons to catch big fish. So far, this year has been no exception. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources announced new spearfishing records, which have been set in reservoirs around the state.

Steven Gottfredson set two new records: a 29-inch walleye at Deer Creek Reservoir on April 11 and a 12 ½-inch white bass at Utah Lake on May 28. The walleye weighed 13 pounds, 8 ounces, and the white bass weighed 13 ounces.
Ryan Peterson caught a record-breaking green sunfish at Lake Powell on May 10. The fish was 7 3/8 inches long and weighed 5 ounces.
Spearfishing is an underwater hunting activity in which participants use spears or specialized gear to catch fish. It requires skill and precision and often involves free diving or snorkeling.
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