SNAPPED: Wax on, wax off; nets on, nets off

PARK CITY, Utah — Nordic ski jumpers and Nordic combined athletes take the wax off the skis they put on in the fall. Simultaneously, cyclically, and seasonally, today, Tuesday, May 14, the hills on which they jump had the nets removed after being put on in the fall. 

This photo illustrates that the jump in the middle is the one they started with, as the other two still have the nets on. Photo: TownLift // Michele Roepke

Staff members from the Utah Olympic Park teamed up with those from USA Nordic to remove the cargo-style nets that grab and hold the snow on the steep jumps all winter.

On May 18, not only will summer operations open for zip-lines and tubing over and on that middle 90-meter ski jump begin for the public, but Running With Ed athletes will run up the adjacent stairs.

In the weeks following, the nets will also be removed from the other two Large Hills so the Nordic athletes can jump for training on the green summer plastic, simulating winter competition.

This photo shows how the nets, which purposely roll down to the bottom, get separated and folded before being stored away for summer until put back on in the fall. Photo: TownLift // Michele Roepke

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This photo shows the workers working their way up the hill, as the entire net-removal process takes approximately two hours per hill. Photo: TownLift // Michele Roepke

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