Ski like a local: Overall results of Town Series, Wasatch Citizen Series, NASTAR

PARK CITY, Utah — Locals take part in after-work, and weekend ski races all season in Park City for NASTAR, The Town Series, and The Wasatch Citizen Series accruing overall points from multiple races at multiple places.

These annual events often attract generations within families, competing just for fun. Skiers who participate can range from ages eight to 80.

People who are members of some of the original families in town like Roxanne Toly are out competing against people who perhaps have freshly moved here this year from a different ski town.

For some skiers, this was their very first time entering any type of ski race what-so-ever, and for others these events are on their calendar every single season.

Really recognizable names show up but not to show off, just to be connected to this ski-culture community. Yes, Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety, and yes, Olympic gold medalist Billy Demong, and yes, three time Olympian Steven Nyman, and yes, the son of  five-time Olympian Alan Alborn, Magnus Alborn’s names are on this year’s results lists, but more so are the names of your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends, and if not you this year, maybe next year.

These names are listed in no particular order.

Local alpine athletes getting medals at NASTAR Nationals held in Aspen in April after qualifying at Deer Valley and Park City Mountain:

  • Michael Borelli
  • Dylan Glover 
  • Geneveive Ottinger 
  • Istas Probert 
  • Soelden Probert 
  • Troy Reeves 
  • Reid Widders
  • Doug Silver 
  • Hanz Dunzinger 

Alpine Town Series organized by Park City Ski and Snowboard held at the Utah Olympic Park:

  • Sydney Ervin
  • Bronson Karr
  • Lilia Stein
  • John Scanlan
  • Lyndee Paulus
  • Ted Ligety
  • Kimberly Eckfeldt
  • Steve Nyman
  • Overall team: Kimberly Eckfeldt, Ted Ligety, Steve Nyman, Andy Phillips

Skimo (Ski mountaineering) Town Series organized by Park City Ski and Snowboard at the Utah Olympic Park:

  • Mark Fils
  • Joel Sehloff
  • Mark Christopherson
  • Mark Romer
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Josh Finken
  • Tammy VuPham
  • Robert Lattanzi
  • Hudson Marsh
  • Doug Freeman
  • Megan Valverde
  • Gambrelli Layco
  • Jonah Inman
  • George Valverde

The Utah Nordic Alliance’s (TUNA) Wasatch Citizen Series Cross Country skiing. Classic and skate style skiing at Soldier Hollow, Mountain Dell, and the White Pine Farm with Interval Start and Mass Start including sit skiing:

  • CHADBOURNE, Brittany
  • PIERSON, Julia
  • TOLY, Roxanne
  • BAUMHER, Rebecca
  • SHIELDS, Katherine
  • MOREAU, Heather
  • BLANCHARD, Libby
  • KELL, Angie
  • HART, Kim
  • FRYE, Alison
  • LYNCH, Beverly
  • BURNS, Giggi
  • ALLEN, Marcy
  • FICHTER, Nancy
  • NOONAN HEALE, Rebecca
  • LARSON, Lex
  • HEALE, Havalah
  • SMEYAK, Mira
  • WILLIAMS, Louisa
  • BENNION, Elodie
  • DEMONG, Billy
  • HARTMAN, Jameson
  • KNUTSON, Dylan
  • MOEHLING, Mark
  • HACKMANN, Derek
  • WEIGEL, Jim
  • RENDLE, Kyler
  • SWANSON, Eric
  • KIRBY, Richard
  • FRYE, Norman
  • ENGLISH, Patrick
  • FICHTER, Gary
  • SWANSON, Steve
  • WHITBECK, Duncan
  • SCHAFFER, Finnian
  • ALBORN, Magnus
  • COVINGTON, Emmett
  • BORJIGIN, Timur
  • MCGAUGHY, Landen
  • PIERSON, Calvin
  • WITTE, Isabella
  • JENSEN, Andrew
  • CHUANG, Emil
  • HOYT, Kevin
  • ALM, Brent

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