Celebrating Soccer Senior Night for boys at PCHS’s Dozier Field

PARK CITY, Utah — On Tuesday, Senior Soccer Night was celebrated at Park City High School’s Dozier Field in a game against the Cottonwood Colts.

Before the varsity game, players and their family members were clapped out to center field, gifted a swag bag, and recognized over the P.A. system for their achievements. 

The Colts won the game 1-0 after a corner kick was headed in midway through the second half.

Seniors circled up. Photo: TownLift // Michele Roepke

The girls play in the fall season.

The senior boys included: 

  • Ulises Montalvo
  • Sebastian Huertas
  • Porter Connolly
  • Joe Croney
  • Griffin Williams
  • Logan Lusher
  • Garret Provines
  • Griffin Williams (another)
  • Will Tettelbach
  • David Dellenbach
  • Jay Sikes
  • Aaron Tubilla

Head coach Anthony Dicicco told TownLift prior to the game, “We look forward to celebrating our seniors. Most of these guys have been in the program for years and invested a lot of themselves into what we’re doing and we’re excited to celebrate them and acknowledge them and their contributions to the program.”

He continued, “We intend to put together good team performance and get a result in this game. It’s an important game for us as we’re continuing to work towards the playoffs and towards the end of the season. One of the things we talked about all the time is playing our best soccer in May, so this is the next step on that journey.” 

starting line up in front of the High School's building expansion
The game’s starting lineup stands in front of the high school building expansion under construction. Photo: TownLift // Michele Roepke

Dozier Field has a new scoreboard that is digital, allowing it to show, for example, an image of a waving American flag during the National Anthem, a QR code to buy tickets for an upcoming banquet fundraiser, lists of local sponsor businesses, player pictures when a goal is scored, and up-to-the-minute stats.

Some of these seniors are heading off to matriculate at Vanderbilt, Cal Poly, the U of U, Montana State, and UCLA next year.


Senior keeper Joe Croney’s mom, Laura, and dad, Joe, were in attendance. They told TownLift, “He grew up in the US Virgin Islands where there was a small soccer community, and it was great to come to Park City and have a lot more competition and incredible coaching.” They went on to say, “It’s a beautiful evening, and it’s fun to see him out there on the field. He’s excited for his next step at college. Park City High School has been a great experience for our son with this awesome team.” 

Senior Night signage and swag bags at Dozier Field.
Senior Night signage and swag bags at Dozier Field. Photo: TownLift // Michele Roepke

Quinn Kelly also plays on the varsity Miners soccer team. He’s a sophomore and has been on Varsity since last year as a freshman. As he was warming up before the game, he told TownLift, “I think we have momentum coming from the second half of last game, even though it was a bit rough. We’re playing with high intensity, and I think we can carry that into the next game today.” He said, “It’s the seniors’ big night. I know that’ll eventually be me, but it’s my last few games to play with them.”

This varsity Miners team is 3-7 for the season so far, with an away game at Hillcrest on Friday next. 

The JV team won their game against the Colts held right before, with a score of 2-1.

All photos: TownLift // Michele Roepke

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