Parkite Colby Stevenson triumphs at Dew Tour

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — In a thrilling repeat of last year’s results, Park City native Colby Stevenson defended his title at the 2024 Dew Tour Men’s Ski Streetstyle competition on Friday night. Fellow Stifel U.S. Freeski Team member Alex Hall secured third place for the second consecutive year. Tucker Fitzsimons, sibling of Hydro Flask U.S. Snowboard Team’s Sean Fitzsimons, also replicated his previous second-place finish.

Stevenson’s journey to victory was marked by standout performances, beginning with his top qualification from heat three, a close victory over Andrew Egan in the duals round, and culminating in a winning score of 96.00 in the final.

Stevenson noted the crowd’s energy: “With everyone chanting, I was stoked. This is such a sick event. The Dew Tour is one of the biggest in our sport, so it means a lot to have everyone out here to support.”

The Men’s Ski Streetstyle final was a highlight of the Dew Tour Copper 2024, which kicked off the celebration of the Dew Tour’s 20th anniversary. The updated competition format featured three rounds, starting with a 12-skier field in four-person heats, leading to head-to-head matchups, and finally, the top three competing in the last round. Highlights included Alex Hall’s switch 270 on Tokyo drift slide and Sam Zahner’s frontside 360 switch-up to pretzel 270 out. It was Stevenson’s consistency, though, that stood out.

Reflecting on his win, Stevenson shared, “I’m really stoked! Dew Tour has been a huge one for me my whole life. My first Dew Tour, when I was 16, I ended up crashing on the last run of practice, breaking my thumb and not being able to compete—I was so gutted. Anyway, that was 10 years ago… I really wanted this.” His determination was evident, especially after overcoming a hard fall the day before. “I was stoked because yesterday I hit my head pretty hard (cracking his helmet) and missed some training. I showed up today really motivated because I need to get my stuff [dialed in] and then it all came together.”

Dew Tour 2024 Men’s Ski Streetstyle Final Results:
1. Colby Stevenson (USA) – Run 2: 96.00
2. Tucker Fitzsimons (USA) – Run 1: 90.00
3. Alex Hall (USA) – Run 2: 84.00

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