Hugo Coffee Shop adopted by new owners

PARK CITY, Utah — Beloved local institution Hugo Coffee Shop, located within the Park City Chamber of Commerce’s Visitors Center, is now owned and operated by Shelley Marshall and Joe Davis. The duo behind Park City Desserts aims to enhance and refine what was already a cherished spot in the community. Claudia McMullin remains at the helm of the coffee roasting side of Hugo Coffee and rotating donations to various pet and rescue organizations.

Marshall is a former participant in the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and happened to meet a broker who had an interesting opportunity – a coffee shop was up for grabs. It was a chance encounter that would set the stage for a new adventure.

“She had mentioned there was a coffee shop coming online, and we’ve been looking to expand,” said Marshall. The unexpected twist in Park City Desserts’ growth plan led to Hugo Coffee. “Everything I thought was going to happen to grow totally shifted gears,” she said.

One of the most reassuring aspects of this change in ownership is Shelley and Joe’s commitment to maintaining the essence of Hugo Coffee Shop, known for its dedication to dogs, supporting rescue and adoption efforts, and serving exceptional coffee— causes near and dear to the Park City community.

“We’re trying to change as little as possible. We’re really focused on getting systems more streamlined, recipes more streamlined, and improvements.” Marshall and Davis have implemented sustainable practices at the Park City Desserts location in Treasure Mountain Inn and will copy-paste those at Hugo Coffee Shop. By embracing sustainable practices, they are aligning with the Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainable Tourism Program.

Marshall’s background as a health coach and nurse and experience in founding a nonprofit called Sustain Utah make her particularly passionate about sustainability. They’re introducing biodegradable straws, eco-friendly cups, and working on further eco-conscious upgrades.

Moreover, the pair is keen to integrate local products and artists into the Hugo Coffee Shop experience, sharing their plans to showcase local artisans and products, emphasizing the importance of supporting the community. Hugo Coffee Shop will also introduce new gluten free and vegan options for a more inclusive menu, and, of course, some delectable dessert options to enjoy with your coffee.

One delightful addition to Hugo Coffee Shop’s offerings is the “Yappy Hour.” Held every Wednesday from 3-5 p.m., it’s not only a treat for pets but also a hub for pet-centric businesses.

As they embark on this journey, Marshall and Davis are committed to preserving what makes Hugo Coffee Shop special while infusing it with their own brand of enthusiasm and sustainability.

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