Park City Yoga Collective’s B-Side is still on fire, just without the heat

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City Yoga Collective (PCYC) came in hot (literally) to Park City’s health and wellness scene. Community members and yogis were amped to support PCYC and the principles that set it apart from a typical yoga studio. PCYC is a collective, which means it supports its instructors just like it supports its students and athletes.

“We’re a collective, we recruit the best talent,” said Jenn Armstrong-Solomon, founder-owner of PCYC. “So, when you pay for your classes, your instructors get half that rate. You’re not only supporting the studio, but you’re supporting your highly-trained instructor who, in turn, is incentivized to make sure that they’re bringing their A-game.”

Armstrong-Solomon is also a somatic practitioner and yoga therapist.

The new mural for B-Side non-heated studio.

Upon opening, PCYC was strictly a hot yoga destination and the only studio in Park City with radiant heat.

The Collective has recently expanded its hot studio and added B-Side. B-Side offers the same expansive yoga classes with the same talented teachers, just minus the heat.

B-Side expanded into the storefront next door. If you’ve visited the studio before, the cubby wall that was previously dividing the two areas is now wholly gone, creating an expansive hallway between the two rooms.

In addition to the well-known staff on the hot side of things, PCYC brought on recovery teachers, kundalini teachers, massage therapists, personal trainers, and Ayurvedic wellness specialists. On the cool side of things, perinatal classes are offered for pregnant and post-pregnancy people. Special classes and events like sound baths and cold plunges are always coming up on the events schedule for both.

The newly expanded hot studio complete with twinkle lights and a calming ambiance.

“We have all of your beautiful non-heated studio needs for all of the community with all of the love, all of the passion, none of the heat.”

200, 300, and Advanced yoga teacher training (YTT) courses are available for beginners to more practiced instructors. PCYC is Park City’s only studio with 300-level YTT modules. Upcoming advanced modules include Yin and Restoration, Ayurveda 3, and Reflex and Integration.

“All of our 300-level trainings are done in advanced modules. You can just drop in and take a module for extra training hours or  because something interests you. You don’t have to commit to a $4,000 for a 12-month program, you can drop in and out and take classes as you want.”

With the hot side expansion and the B-Side studio clients can stretch out comfortably and enjoy more classes and flexibility (in both physicality and class offerings).

“We wouldn’t be able to do this expansion if it weren’t for the community in Park City.”

PCYC offers 10-class packs for $100 and $15 drop-in; a 10-class pack will work for classes in both B-Side and the hot studio. People of all abilities, identities, and backgrounds are welcome in PCYC’s inclusive spaces.

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