April showers continue through June

PARK CITY, Utah — Summer is upon us, but it might not feel like it. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center anticipates a cooler-than-normal and wetter-than-average month of June in the southwest region, including Utah. 

On the last day of May, CPC released its monthly climate outlooks for temperature, precipitation, and drought across the United States for June.

The U.S. temperature outlook for June 2023, showing places where a much warmer-than-average June is favored (reds) and where a much cooler than average June is favored (blues). White areas indicate that there are equal chances for a warm, cool, or near-average June. For more details on how to interpret these maps, read our explainer Understanding NOAA's monthly climate outlooks. Map by NOAA, based on data from the Climate Prediction Center.

“In general, the outlooks favor well above normal temperatures across the northern part of the country and right along the Gulf Coast, with odds favoring well below average temperatures in the Southwest. The precipitation outlook favors well above average precipitation across much of the western half of the country and well below-average precipitation around the Great Lakes from the northern Plains through the Ohio Valley to western New York and Pennsylvania,” the website stated.


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