Summit County Council to consider acquisition agreement for Ure family farm

KAMAS, Utah — The Summit County Council will consider a recommendation to enter into an option agreement with the Ure family to acquire their Kamas Valley farm.

The 834-acre property has served as a dairy farm and cattle ranch since it was homesteaded in 1892. It is located along Highway 248 at the souther entrance of the Kamas Valley.

“While we are sad to end an over 130-year legacy of Ures farming this ground, we are thrilled with this outcome,” the Ure family said in a statement. “This will be a great benefit to the community and county for a very long time. A continuation of grassy fields and open space is something our ancestors, parents and their 197 posterity can be proud of. Changes are hard but progress must go on.

“We knew we could not continue farming and be equitable to all the posterity with the challenges of being located on the edge of a suburban area with people unfamiliar with agriculture. This makes a better future for everyone to enjoy this new legacy.”

To purchase the farm, the county would combine 2021 GO Bond funds, funds, from Summit Land Conservancy, the development community, state and federal grants, as well as other sources. The property would mostly become protected open space.

Summit County would pay a $5 million option fee to secure the property, and it could take up to four years to close the sale. According to a press release from Summit County, this time would be used to attain additional funding to cover the $25 million total purchase price.

The Kamas Meadow is a critical part of the Summit County water ecosystem and its preservation has been prioritized by the County as well as the Open Space Advisory Committee’s guidelines for open space acquisitions in the South Summit region,” said Roger Armstrong, County Council chair. “This purchase is an important step in preserving the Kamas Meadow and supports the preservation of agricultural values in the Kamas Valley.”

Summit County is currently accepting notices of intent from landowners interested in preserving their property through acquisitions or conservation easement projects. For more information visit

An aerial map of the Ure properties. Photo: Summit County

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