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String of thefts at multiple workout studios leave patrons without car keys, credit cards

PARK CITY, Utah — After a 10:30 a.m. PC Yoga Collective class on Monday, January 2, patrons found their items rifled through and wallets and car keys missing. Studio Director Nikki McFadden was taking the class and noticed a woman leave during class. The instructor, Ashly Bates, also instructs at Tadasana Yoga and learned it had a similar theft earlier that morning.

“Deputies took a theft report by phone call and talked to a complainant who stated that at approximately 0730 hours on 01/02/2023 his vehicle keys were taken from inside the yoga studio. The suspect is believed to be involved in similar incidents later in the day at a nearby yoga studio. Follow-up is being conducted,” said the Summit County Sheriff’s report.

PC Yoga Collective owner Jenn Armstrong-Solomon believes the suspect, a woman, is not local and used a fake name to book the 10:30 class. None of the other class-goers recognized the woman. The police were alerted.

“We lock the door when class is going on so that we can protect people’s belongings to the best of our ability,” said Armstrong-Solomon to TownLift. “She had tried to come in during the 9 a.m. class, and the door was locked. She came back and bought a pass for the 10:30 class. ”

The suspect stole car keys to steal wallets and credit cards locked within them. According to Armstrong-Solomon, some of the stolen credit cards were used at Smith’s and Walmart.

“It’s super unfortunate. For everybody whose keys were stolen, we had the car rekeyed. We did everything we could to try to make everybody whole to the best of our abilities. It’s just really sad.”

Armstrong-Solomon called other studios to warn them of the potential danger and thefts when she learned the suspect targeted Tadasana and Good Movement Studio. At this time, these are the only known facilities involved in the thefts.

“She put her mat down, went back into the lobby, and made a phone call. And that’s not uncommon; we wouldn’t think, ‘oh, you’re gonna do something terrible.’ She waited until class had started, and that’s when she snatched and grabbed car keys. That’s what the other studios found as well. We were the last place that she went yesterday and the hardest hit,” said Armstrong-Solomon.

PC Yoga Collective is taking steps to avoid future thefts. If patrons need to leave class early, they will be escorted out. It is also looking into installing video surveillance by the front doors.

“I don’t anticipate it happening again. I just feel so bad for whoever’s in her position to feel the need to do this. And I just want to say we have resources available, we have nonprofit services available. I don’t think that you live here, but if you do, there are other ways to go about getting help right now.”

PC Yoga’s goal moving forward is to maintain a safe and open environment. “It’s on us to make sure that the community still feels safe, like we’re being transparent, and like we are communicating about what we’re doing to mitigate the possibility of this happening again.”

TownLift contacted the named studios, but has not received a response. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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