Nosh owners channel New York vibes with new ‘sammy’ deli in Prospector

PARK CITY, Utah – Husband and wife restaurant extraordinaire team, Jason and Katie Greenberg, are launching their second Prospector Square restaurant this weekend. Their newest concept, Stacked – a New York-inspired deli, embraces the same values as their well-loved Israeli-inspired eatery, Nosh. Namely, a casual environment with delectable and affordable menu items, where diners quickly become regular customers.

Katie Greenberg turns Bonnie and Clyde’s in Prospector into her own New York-style deli. Photo: Michael Heil.

When the Greenbergs moved to Park City from New York City about ten years ago, they dedicated themselves to bringing Parkites big-city flavors. Nosh does that with authentic Israeli and Mediterranean dishes, and for the past three years, Jason and Katie have worked side by side. Of course, running a restaurant together isn’t always a walk in the park, and Stacked will give them some breathing room.

“Being in a kitchen, I know that it ends a ton of relationships. I’ve seen it,” Katie said. “We happen to do it really well. I think we’re both glad we’re about to have our own restaurants.”

Since it’s her longtime dream to recreate excellent New York-esque sandwiches in a laid-back deli, she will primarily run Stacked while Jason will continue to oversee Nosh.

“We’ve always had this plan for having a sandwich shop and doing accessible food,” Katie says. “Which is the same thing we are trying to do at Nosh. We enjoy offering affordable food because it allows us to see our customers on a regular basis.”

Getting to know customers is critical for Jason and Katie. “It’s super important to us that we get to know the people that come into the restaurant,” Katie says.

That’s why, when Bonnie and Clyde’s (located in the same Prospector Square shopping complex as Nosh) founder, Greg Castro, made the decision to sell, his reps reached out to the Greenberg’s. Their interest, and offer to buy Bonnie and Clyde’s won, and the shop was re-branded as Stacked. The Greenberg’s are thrilled about the location because it fills a niche for locals.

“The location is right. There are so many people that live over here,” Katie says. “It’s a whole neighborhood behind us. We don’t have a great coffee shop. There’s nowhere to get breakfast… It will be great for the community to have a place where they can hang out, have breakfast, and have people know them.”

Stacked features a full coffee bar, robust sandwich menu, and the Greenberg restaurant signature – excellent food at affordable prices in a warm, welcoming environment.

Katie sums up their goals for Stacked. “What we want to do is just make a better sandwich. Really, a better sandwich,” she says.

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