Park City contemplates the future of the Park Silly Sunday Market

PARK CITY, Utah — The Park Silly Sunday Market and Park City are expected to sign a new contract in the near future, but public opinion regarding the future of the market is mixed.

The Park Silly Sunday Market is a non-profit, open-air market that first opened to customers and vendors in 2006. Although the market was initially held for 16 Sundays throughout the summer, it is now held for 14 Sundays from June through September.

The City Service Agreement between Park City and Park Silly Sunday Market expired on Sept. 30, and the City Council is now considering a new contract for the market to continue for future years.

Park City conducted a survey from Sept. 2-Oct. 3 to garner public feedback on the market’s future contract, and public responses varied. Some in favor of keeping the market regarded it as an asset to the community, as well as local artists.

“As a local, Park silly is an incredible way to support people in the community and meet them as well,” One survey respondent said. “I love it and believe it brings a sense of joy to our town. Please please please do not infringe on its ability to bring happiness to so many.”

“Park City has always represented the propulsion of local artists and tastemakers; why would we decide to jeopardize this legacy?” Another respondent said.

Others stated that the city should not extend a new contract to the market and that it is considered a “nuisance” to some of the local residents.

One respondent said, “Why is it still here? Park Silly NEEDS TO GO!”

“It may benefit a few Main Street businesses, but it is just a nuisance to me and many other locals. It is just one more time that Main Street is avoided by locals. I do not think a contract with the Park Silly Market should be proffered going forward.” Another respondent said.

When open, the Park Silly Sunday Markey typically occupies a stretch of lower Main Street. Although the market was designed to help extend weekend visitation to Park City and support local businesses and organizations, some businesses, particularly along upper Main Street, have seen a decline in business on market days due to the closure of the lower portion of the street.

“I think I speak on behalf of many Upper Main businesses when I say that I would like to either see Park Silly move off of Main Street entirely, or at least incorporate Upper Main more effectively.” One survey respondent said.

Discussion between the Park City Council and the Park Silly Sunday Market regarding a new contract is expected to continue next month.

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