Local Business Spotlight: Davanza’s Keeps Nostalgia Alive With A Unique and Laid-back Atmosphere

Park City, Utah – Davanza’s has been a staple for comfort food in Park City since 1979. The restaurant serves up reliably delicious pizza, burgers, subs, and salads in a laid-back environment, with beer cans decorating the walls. Since its launch almost 25 years ago, Davanza’s has changed owners thrice.

“We are the third and longest-tenured family entity to own Davanza’s,” says John Troilo, who has been a managing partner since 1999.

While Davanza’s is a staple name in the community, the restaurant’s origin story sometimes goes untold. “[People] often mistaken for our last name, the name Davanza’s is an Italian derivative associated with a Bonanza or the term plentiful,” John explains. “The concept was an extension of the Fleck family that started it.”

Davanza’s Beer Can Lined Walls – photo: courtesy Davanza’s

Since the Troilo family began operating Davanza’s, it’s been a family affair. The siblings all had experience working in the restaurant industry and recognized a great prospect. “Davanza’s was an opportunity to get a foothold in an amazing community 24 years ago. My brother Tom approached us siblings with an idea, and none of us hesitated,” says John.

John aims to fulfill his duty at Davanza’s by carrying on the intention of his oldest and now departed brother Tom Troilo. “My current role is to continue the commitment to this community by offering a unique, colorful, and casual laid-back dining option to this town,” John says.

In 2001 the Troilo family decided to relocate Davanza’s to its current location, the historic Fletcher’s home on Park Avenue. John attributes the restaurant’s ongoing success to keeping the menu and atmosphere consistent. “Our biggest change… has been made by not changing too much at all,” he states. “This community has obviously changed much in the last 20 years, for better or worse. However, hearing people tell me about their growing up on Davanza’s or their fond experiences with Davanza’s is what makes it all worth it.”

For people who crave diving on classic comfort foods in a casual and inviting environment, take heart, knowing Davnaza’s stays steadfast. “We are just going to continue to do our thing,” John states. “Trying to keep up with our popularity is sometimes a challenge and something we are always working on.”

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