Watch: Bear inspects construction project in Lower Deer Valley

PARK CITY, Utah — On Monday, an inquisitive bear took a peek around a construction site in Lower Deer Valley.

Video: Morgan McCue

Bears have an incredible sense of smell, and they will eat almost anything. The likelihood of conflicts increases with drought, given that a bear’s regular food supply is decreased. According to Wild Aware Utah, disposing of trash carefully is one of the most important things you can do to prevent bear conflicts at your home.


  • Dispose of trash carefully. Store trash in a secure location or bear-safe container, put your trash out for pickup in the morning (not the previous night), and clean your trash containers regularly.
  • Secure or remove food sources that attract wildlife, such as bird feeders, barbeque grills and unclean utensils, pet food and water bowls, unattended pets (especially at night), and unfenced fruit trees, garden plots, compost piles, and beehives.
  • If bears persist, consider deterrents such as electric fencing, placing bear unwelcome mats (e.g., wood planks with nails or screws protruding) in front of doors or windows, installing motion-activated lights, or noisemakers, having one or more dogs, and turning on garden hoses or sprinklers. Note: Some of these techniques may not be suitable for urban areas. Always check with local authorities to ensure that you are using a legal deterrent.
  • If a bear enters your yard, give it an obvious escape route — do not corner it.


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