Earl Davis a New West Knife Works artisan

JACKSON, Wyo. – Earl Davis has crafted over 100 custom Rock Blocks with New West KnifeWorks. His attention to detail and craftsmanship make these unique kitchen accessories works of art made from rock, wood, and resin.

A peek into the mind of Davis, with his notes and sketches on an upcoming project. Photo: Carolyn Keefe.

The process starts with the rock. Davis identifies where the best cuts should be made and slices it in half. He allots a half a day for this process. Next, he selects the wood that will accent the knives and rock. Sometimes, however, if a piece of wood is striking or intricate enough, Davis will start there. After the wood and rock selection and slicing, he determines how many and which knives will fit in the block.

Next, the wood needs shaping, the resin mixing and pouring. At times, these projects can take up to two weeks to perfect.

This stunning Rock Block is called Barclay Sound and holds seven New West knives. Photo: Jill Goodson.

A perfect fit for New West KnifeWorks, Davis notices details others would glance over like iridescent colors hidden in the stones. He is known among his colleagues as a perfectionist, but he also dares to push the limits of his craft. The combination of perfectionism and boundary-pushing are values reflected in the New West KnifeWorks ethos.

Davis lays out and plans meticulously for each creation. Photo: Carolyn Keefe.

“Knife sculpture” rock blocks are the epitome of New West KnifeWorks’ line of high-quality hand-crafted kitchen essentials and its obsession with fine art crafted for everyday use. Built by artisan knife makers, these one-of-a-kind pieces exemplify how a culinary tool can be “as beautiful as it is useful,” according to the New York Times.

See the selection of currently available pieces online, or for the full experience, stop by New West’s knife shop on Main Street. You can commission a Rock Block that fits any style or specifications for a truly breathtaking piece of functional art for your home.


New West KnifeWorks

625 Main Street, Park City


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