Executive Chef Briar Handly reviews New West KnifeWorks Teton Edge Santoku Knife

PARK CITY, Utah. – New West KnifeWorks products are more than just their pretty exteriors. From art collectors and passionate home cooks to professional chefs, there’s a lot to admire about the Teton Edge Santoku knives.

The Teton Edge Santoku is an all-purpose chef knife with the Teton Mountain Range etched onto the blade, improving both beauty and function. It is a new take on the Japanese-style knife that replaces the typical scalloped grind surface, or the dimpling along a knife’s surface, with the stylized etching of the mountain of New West’s hometown of Jackson, Wyoming.

The dimples found on knives help the blade slice through food without sticking. The Tetons etching performs this function better than the traditional dimples. The standard practice. Of machine grinding the dimples onto the steel blades affects and distorts the precision of the steel’s heat treatment.

Using a proprietary process, the Teton Edge is etched onto the knife, enhancing the performance of the knife and optimizing its steel simultaneously.

“This New West KnifeWorks Santoku Blade is a work of art. This knife feels really, really awesome in my hand is super balanced. It’s got a great edge on it… It’s great for vegetables, fish, poultry, beef. Really, anything that any home cook wants to tackle in the kitchen. This knife will handle it,” said Briar Handly, executive chef and owner of Handle in Park City and HSL in Salt Lake City.

The craftsmanship of New West KnifeWorks is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With every purchase, there is a lifetime free sharpening and service for all knives by mail or at any retail shop. And it’s pretty cool to watch.

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