Redstone 8 employee strike enters second week

PARK CITY, Utah — Employees at the Redstone 8 movie theater in Kimball Junction are striking for a higher minimum wage.

Zannia Kenny has worked at the theater since 2016.

She said those on strike were originally asking for a 30 percent increase in the hourly minimum wage — from $10.50 an hour to $15 an hour.

They have now dropped that request to $14 an hour. She noted the theater has seen massive turnover in recent years, particularly due to the low wage.

On August 16, the day the strike was set to begin, theater management called an all-staff meeting. They told the employees seeking to strike that they were there to listen, but the wage was going to remain unchanged.

However, 48 hours later, the theater said the new minimum wage would become $12.50 an hour. The employees were not content with the offer, and the strike officially began on August 18.

While the eight employees are currently on strike, three managers are operating the theater under limited hours.

“We are absolutely committed to this,” said Kenny. “We’re dedicated to getting our demands met, and we do have only the singular demand, which is a living wage.”

Metropolitan Theaters, the parent company of Redstone 8, pays employees at their locations in California $14 an hour. However, that is because of the state’s minimum wage law. Utah’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

Redstone 8 plays a key role in the Sundance Film Festival. Half of the theater’s eight screens are used for the festival.

“We value our employees and regularly evaluate compensation and make adjustments,” said the Metropolitan Theatres spokesperson. “These adjustments are done to ensure we remain competitive. The current wages are consistent with the local market.”

Under MIT’s living wage calculator, $15.31 an hour is considered the living wage for all of Summit County.

Kenny launched a GoFundMe strike fund yesterday for rent, food, and bills. They have collected $640 of their $1000 goal so far.

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