Catch and release tips from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

PARK CITY, Utah. — Anglers are beginning to cast more, as the fishing season (and daylight hours) continue to progress. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has released a video with some tips about catch and release etiquette. These 8 tips help fish survive and thrive in Utah waters throughout the summers to come.

  • Use single hooks on lures and bend down the barb for easy release
  • Minimize fish fight time and hands-on handling
  • Use rubber or coated nylon nets to protect fish’s slime layer and fins
  • Quickly remove the hook with forceps or needle-nosed pliers
  • Minimize time exposed to air, especially when the weather is warm. Keep your hands wet.
  • If the fish is deeply hooked, don’t pull on the line. Cut the line as close to the hook as possible, and leave the hook
  • Allow fish to recover in the net before releasing
  • If fish doesn’t stay upright when released, gently move it back and forth

If you catch a honker and want to make it in the record books, you’ll have to fill out the official Utah catch and release record fish application.

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