Behind the scenes at New West KnifeWorks

VICTOR, Idaho. — Introducing talented knife maker: Jack Rellstab. He is the first New West KnifeWorks in-house custom Damascus knife maker, crafting gorgeous intricately patterned custom knives. Known for its artisan-made, sleek, and colorful chef knives and steak knives made near Jackson Hole, New West is excited about its expansion into the ancient art of hand-forged knives.

Damascus steel is a high-quality metal identifiable by its watery or wavy light and dark pattern in the metal. Damascus knives maintain a keen edge, to match the unique steel patterns.

New West KnifeWorks is located on Historic Main Street at 675 Main Street in Park City. Its brother brand MTN MAN Toy Shop is at the same location and specializes in Damascus hunting knives, USA-made pocket knives, axes, and tomahawks. It’s a unique shopping experience for those who answer the call of the wild.

Wanna learn more about how New West KnifeWorks makes knives in their Idaho production facility?

Visit the shop at 675 Main Street for a hands-on experience of the knives that Forbes called “razor sharp and gorgeous.”

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