Sure, the weather outside is still occasionally frightful, but Park City has had plenty of sunshine-filled days over the last two weeks, and it’s important to remember that warmer weather isn’t too far away. Prepping your home for spring is a great way to welcome the season, so let’s take advantage of these warmer days and ensure your home is ready for the warmer weather. Here are some tips & tricks to get you started:

Lock in some excitement!

There’s no question that having an upcoming event to anticipate keeps us energized and focused amidst our everyday responsibilities. So, before dusting off the lawnmower, explore the myriad of entertaining spring and summer activities our community offers for an hour or two. Whether it’s the Deer Valley Summer Concert Series or a day spent boating on the Jordanelle, secure something on your calendar to ignite your enthusiasm.

Check That HVAC System!

Even if you’re currently cranking up the heat, you’ll be craving cooler temperatures before you know it. We suggest running your AC to ensure it’s working, changing the air filters, and arranging for a professional inspection and maintenance if necessary. By staying proactive, you’ll avoid sweating it out while waiting for appointments or parts. PROTIP! From Kristina of Inhabit Park City: if you have an HVAC filter, add about 15 – 20 drops of your favorite essential oil to the new filter. The airflow will catch the essential oil’s scent whenever your HVAC system runs and disperse it throughout your house.  This simple trick will leave your home smelling fresh and inviting and will not affect the quality of your HVAC system.

Yard Cleanup

After the snow melts, it’s time to clean your yard thoroughly. Remove dead plants or debris that could attract critters as they become more active. Once the cleanup is complete, why not add some new plants, flowers, or colorful outdoor cushions to brighten up your outdoor area? There’s no better feeling than relaxing with a cocktail or mocktail in your refreshed space under the warm sunshine!

Get The Kiddos Involved

Dedicate a small area of your yard for a kid-friendly garden. Let your little one choose what they want to plant: colorful flowers, tasty vegetables, or fragrant herbs. Start with easy-to-grow plants that will give them quick results and keep them excited while they wait for the slower harvesting plants. Gardening not only teaches kids about nature and responsibility but also provides a sense of accomplishment as they watch their plants grow and thrive!

Clean and Organize the Fridge

In preparation for summer, when kids and playdates mean more time at home, it’s prime time to clean and organize the fridge. Toss out expired items, give shelves and drawers a wipe-down, and arrange food for easy access. While we can’t promise Instagram-worthy results around the clock, we can aim for it! We recommend using these clear containers to keep things organized. These containers create designated areas for fruits, veggies, drinks, and snacks. Get the kids involved in sorting and create a “snack zone” with healthy options they can grab easily.A clean and organized fridge not only looks good but also encourages healthy eating habits for the entire family.

As you gear up for spring, remember that these simple steps can make a big difference in preparing your home for the warmer weather ahead. From locking in exciting activities to involving the kids in gardening and organizing, each task contributes to creating a welcoming and enjoyable space for you and your family. So, embrace the changing season, soak up the sunshine, and make the most of the moments spent at home. Happy springtime from Inhabit Park City!

Julie Snyder is an experienced real estate professional who serves as a lifestyle resource for clients looking to buy or sell in the Park City area, offering luxury real estate services backed by the power of a global brand. The founder of Inhabit Park City and a sales agent at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, Julie aims to understand her client’s needs and lifestyles before pairing them with carefully curated options that fulfill their criteria and wishes. Julie describes herself as honest, analytical, and passionate. Utilizing market data, strong negotiation skills, and effective communication, Julie easily navigates Utah’s competitive real estate market. She views herself as a relocation specialist and proudly shares her deep local knowledge of the area’s schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, clubs, and outdoor experiences.

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