Fortune Magazine names Intermountain Health as the premier healthcare provider in the US

SALT LAKE CITY – Intermountain Health, the health clinic with 385 clinics and 33 hospitals throughout the Intermountain West, has been recently ranked the best large healthcare system in the country by Fortune Magazine and PINC AI.

Fortune Magazine and PINC AI conduct annual rankings and evaluations of healthcare providers, and this is Intermountain Health’s second consecutive year making the list, as well as the first time Intermountain Health has been ranked number one.

“I’m beyond proud of our entire team of caregivers who have put in the work to make this possible,” said Rob Allen, president and CEO or Intermountain Health. “This ranking is a tribute to their expertise and dedication to helping people live the healthiest lives possible.”

As American healthcare providers have moved towards larger, integrated health systems, PINC AI and Fortune Magazine developed an analysis program to assess healthcare systems.

According to the American Hospital Association, 68% of U.S. hospitals are now system-affiliated.

The analysis incorporated data from every hospital in the system, considering eight performance indicators such as inpatient mortality and average length of stay, which measure an organization’s clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, and patient experience.

According to Fortune Magazine’s analysis, if all health systems in the US operated at the level of Intermountain Health and other top-performing systems on the list, there would be 220,000 fewer patient deaths and 196,000 fewer patients with complications during their hospital stays.

Additionally, the average patient would spend half a day less in the hospital, reducing their care costs by 2%.

Intermountain remains a national leader in healthcare due to its clinical outcomes, innovative medical research aimed at improving patient care, advanced telehealth services for better access, and a strong emphasis on preventive care and overall wellness.

Intermountain is also leveraging telehealth services to enhance access to emergency specialty care for conditions such as stroke and pediatrics. This initiative aids community hospitals and patients in obtaining expert diagnoses swiftly, thereby ensuring positive patient outcomes.

To see the full list of Fortune PINC AI 15 Top Health Systems, click here.

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