Parkite creates space for women to connect and explore

PARK CITY, Utah — We are all on a journey in this life; some choose to go it alone, while others seek like-minded people to empower, enlighten, and inspire them. Such was the case for Renee Huang, the founder of the Wild Women Tribe. This longtime Parkite made some monumental changes in her trajectory and subsequently created a network of powerful women seeking their own transformations.

“When Women Gather Powerful Things Happen”-Renee Huang

As the director of communications and public relations for the Utah Symphony from 2013-2021, Huang made many connections and built a solid foundation in the community. All while loving being immersed in the arts. She introduced her two children to opera and symphony performances but yearned for more.

“I got divorced during my time with the symphony and developed a close group of friends; we would take our kids and go on adventures together,” said Huang.

“That was the inspiration for forming Wild Women Tribe. It was a passion project that bubbled up as I was yearning for more depth in my life. I had already formed this base group of friends who loved to go hiking and camping, and we would bring amazing food; when women get together, it really impacted me that you hardly have to do any work because everyone is sharing the work.”

Wanting to take her desire for connection even further, she developed the Wild Women Tribe in 2018, featuring other women and collaborators. Each gathering has a theme to explore extensively. Partnerships drive the experiences, whether it be yoga or cooking classes by a professional chef.

“I thought it would just be a local Park City thing, but people came from all over,” Huang said. “It felt that at that time, women were yearning for this. The other thing that was important to me was I wanted it to be outdoors. I knew every experience needed to be outdoors. Connecting like-minded women through experience in the outdoors because we have such a beautiful playground.”

The Wild Women Tribe meets several times a year. In addition, there are day experiences called ‘Wanders,’ which include hiking or some type of physical element and a featured workshop. Throughout the year, multi-day camping trips and retreats are available. The next one is scheduled for January 11-15 in Oaxaca, Mexico.

“The most rewarding part of doing this is seeing other women light up,” said Huang. “It is important for women to set aside the time to get to know ourselves, to prioritize our self-care and desires. Don’t be afraid to be still and listen to yourself.”

The next ‘Wander’ experience is December 3rd and includes a hot/cold plunge and cacao experience.

Sign up on the Wild Women Tribe website.

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