In Sothebys International Realty RESIDE, learn how combining finishes and sheen leads can make for an interesting interior design. Some of the most popular metals that make the most luxe and aesthetically pleasing finishes include bronze, brass, nickel and chrome. By layering and mixing metals it can give a home’s design more depth and alludes to the home design evolving over time. 

One of the most important parts of combining finishes is to maintain balance; this means selecting a metal that is more prominent throughout the home and brings more consistency to the design. In SIR’s RESIDE, Stephanie Brown says, “We’d typically use it on door hardware, railings, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and cabinet hardware. We then bring in one or two other metal finishes throughout as special accents.” Establishing a hierarchy with the metals within your home is important to achieving an elegant finish and a balanced space.

Another important factor when designing the interior of your home is to select your color palette wisely. Metals are either warm tones or cooler tones; mixing may be difficult, but it depends on your preference. For instance, you could have a predominantly white and grey color palette which are considered cooler tones. In addition, to add some warmth, you could add in some bronze accents in light fixtures or cabinet knobs, etc. 

Photo Credit: Scott Davis

Lastly, contrast is important to a home’s interior design. Contrast can be created by using natural materials such as wood and combining them with metals to give a more modern look. Light fixtures are another way to add contrast to the home; darker metals and modern designs can add interesting elements into the house. 

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